Apparel industry to benefit from JASTECA- JUKI Production Management Programme


JASTECA Institute of Management has teamed up with J.K.Agencies (Pvt) Ltd., to organize a JUKI Production Management Programme to bolster productivity and production management techniques of the local garment industry. This specially designed programme, which was initially conducted two decades ago is organized in coordination with JUKI Corp., Japan and is suited for the executives, middle and senior level managers of the garment industries in Sri Lanka. The programme will cover a wide range of topics such as Process Analysis, Operational Analysis, Time Study, Motion Study and Introduction to Lean Management, which would be beneficial to those organizations that have not yet employed these new management techniques.

The resource person for this programme will be an expert from JUKI Corporation, Japan, namely Sasaki Satoshi, the General Manager of Sewing Research Institute. The workshop will be conducted from 19-21 June, 2013 at the SASAKAWA Hall, No:04, 22nd Lane, Colombo 03.

JASTECA Institute of Management (JIM), which is the training arm of Japan Sri Lanka Technical cultural Association (JASTECA), is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to assisting the local industries to uplift their productivity and efficiency by organising workshops of this nature. Established as a Trust of JASTECA, the aim of JIM is to educate all levels staff of industrial and commercial ventures especially on Japanese Style Management Training and other aspects of management. JASTECA was the pioneering organization which introduced concepts such as 5S and Kaizen to Sri Lanka.

J.K.Agencies (Pvt) Ltd., established in 1975, is one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka, which is involved in importing and distributing machinery and spare parts to a wide audience of apparel industries. Being the principal agent for world renowned JUKI Brand industrial sewing machinery and its spare parts in Sri Lanka, they cater to a wide-ranging clientele in the local garments industry.

Developing and employing efficient production management techniques in the garments industry is vital in ensuring production quality, reducing production time and costs. In this regard, having a skilled production management team has become essential to any organization involved in the garments industry in today’s enormously competitive environment. Benefits of a efficient production management system includes integration of different areas such as resource planning, product design and cost control etc. This will enable the companies to offer better quality and delivery on time. It will also help to reduce errors, increase company flexibility, reduce stocks and down time and impact on process repeatability.

Sri Lanka’s apparel export industry is a leading contributor to the country’s economy. The industry has grown over the last three decades and has become significant foreign exchange earner and the largest single employer in the manufacturing industry. It provides direct employment opportunities to over 300,000 and 600,000 indirectly which includes a substantial number of women in Sri Lanka.

After having established itself as a reliable supplier of quality garments at competitive prices, Sri Lanka also upholds ethical practices, thus being identified as a producer of "Garments Without Guilt’, making the "Made in Sri Lanka, label synonymous with quality, reliability, social and environmental accountability.

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