Non medical personnel abusing docs’ car passes  - GMOA

By Don Asoka Wijewardena    

Car passes issued to doctors previously were being misused by non-medical personnel, the government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) alleged yesterday.

GMOA president Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya said that even three-wheel drivers and vans hired for transporting building materials were also using the doctors’ car passes to gain precedence in traffic.

Dr. Padeniya said that the new car passes, signed by the Director of the Intellectual Property Rights, would be legally valid for any doctor to identify himself. The main reason for using the new car pass was to help doctors to respond to emergency calls fast. He was speaking at the launch of the new car pass for doctors by Health Minister Mithripala Sirisena, at the Ministry auditorium yesterday. He requested Minister Sirisena to apprise IGP N. K. Illangakoon and Commissioner General of Motor Traffic of the new car pass.

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