Specialised dengue treatment units in 28 hospitals

Dengue High Dependency Units would be set up in 28 main hospitals shortly to combat the alarming spread of the disease. The OPD doctors in state-run hospitals had been fully trained to attend to any dengue patient in need of urgent medical attention, the Health Ministry said.

A Health Ministry spokesman said that on the instructions of the Health Minister highly advanced medical equipment designed to treat dengue patients had been distributed to 28 hospitals as the disease was on the rise. Minister Sirisena had informed the Cabinet last April of the high incidence of the killer disease. Although the spread was dramatically increasing, the death rate could be minimised by means of curative care provided by the hospitals.

The spokesman added that in some countries about 200 people died of dengue each day. But in Sri Lanka the death rate was being minimised. Around 99.7 per cent of dengue cases in the country could be successfully treated, he said.

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