OpenArc Campus launched

A much anticipated dimension to higher education


OpenArc Campus was formally launched last week in the wake of OpenArc School’s splendid display of unmatched quality in IT education for the past 18 long years.

Every single year of the past OpenArc Education has gone from strength to strength especially in the scope and breadth of the study programmes. What is truly amazing is that many of its graduates that have graduated with a "first class" had come to OpenArc with average passes in A/Ls. This is the testimony of what students could achieve through any of its degree programmes.

The Engineering, Business Management and English Departments along with its core IT department make up the main faculties. In addition to these, a Corporate Solutions division has already been established to offer training and consultancy to manufacturing as well as service sector organisations on Lean Management,

Process re-engineering, productivity and e-commerce utilizing existing in-house expertise in Six Sigma, Lean Management, 5S and web-based solutions. The model of OpenArc Campus is similar to that of a top level IT University as it has a closely knit reciprocal relationship with the Software giant- OpenArc Systems Management (OSM). Both the Campus and the Software Company are located in the same premises which is aptly termed as the "OpenArc IT Park".

Through this integrated approach the Campus is able to continue to provide a genuine "work experience" along with an excellent academic programme to make the graduates truly "work ready".

The last academic year has seen a record student intake with certain programmes having over 200 students. However what touches us very dearly, says the Chairman of OpenArc Group, Daya Hettiarachchi, is the fact that an OpenArc graduate is way ahead in all industry required technical and non-technical skills as well as being honed with high value system and ethics in comparison to their parallel batches from other university level education systems.

He further states that most of today’s education systems in Sri Lanka, whether local or foreign, are totally divorced from disseminating knowledge based on industry requirements. Therefore the fresh graduates have to undergo additional internships after employment to realign their skills to what the industry requires.

This does not augur well for the industry as well as the graduates who are disillusioned by their inability to work and, therefore to earn as much as they deserve. Apart from this highly desired quality of programmes OpenArc Campus offers a "feel" of a university to all its students through its well defined People, Process and Physical Evidence - Three Ps at ever student interaction point.

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