Dialog launches region’s first 4G roaming service

Dialog Axiata PLC announced the Launch of South Asia’s First Mobile 4G-LTE Roaming service. The launch of roaming services follows on the company announcing it’s commencement of Commercial Mobile 4G – LTE services in Sri Lanka in April this year, another regional first for Sri Lanka.

Dialog launched the service with MobileOne (M1) Singapore on 13th June (Thursday), heralding a new era in speed for data roaming for travellers. With this innovation, Dialog customers will be able to enjoy high speed data services (LTE) in Singapore akin to that which they are currently experiencing in Sri Lanka. Further, MobileOne customers will also be able to use Dialog’s LTE network when they are travelling in Sri Lanka as a reciprocal measure. The initial foray into LTE roaming with Singapore will be followed in the not too distant future by the launch of LTE roaming services in collaboration with several other operators in Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Dialog’s 4G Mobile network, which provides the base for this service, is based on FD-LTE technology, and can deliver peak data speeds extending to over 50 Mbps on FD-LTE 1800 MHz band 3 compatible mobile devices.

Sharing his views on the launch of South Asia’s First Mobile LTE Roaming Service, Group Chief Operating Officer of Dialog Axiata PLC Azwan Khan said, "We were privileged to lead Sri Lanka’s mobile industry in to the 4G era with the launch of Dialog’s 4G Mobile services in the city of Colombo. Now, that service is extended beyond the boundaries of our island to the shores of Singapore and we are assured that the expansion will encompass the Asia Pacific region and beyond in the not to distant future. This development is yet another manifestation of Dialog’s commitment towards aggressive development via strong investment in building a world class portfolio of Broadband Services for our customers based on Mobile and Fixed LTE, 3G HSPA+, Wi-Fi and Fibre Optic Connectivity".

Dialog’s International Roaming services cover over 200 countries with over 500 partner operators to ensure that customers can stay connected to family and friends no matter where they travel around the world. The company was the 1st South Asian operator to launch roaming services in 1997 and extended the trend by being the 1st operator to launch 3G roaming in 2007 and this leadership is now extended to 4G Roaming services. In 2012, Dialog became the only operator in Sri Lanka to extend Data Roaming services to prepaid customers in order to meet the increasing demand for data usage driven by the high take up in smartphones and also introduced ‘One Country One Rate’, a simplified tariff plan, in order to enable customers to enjoy hassle –free roaming experience with the best-guaranteed rate in more than 100 destinations. Dialog’s main aim is to provide worldwide Roaming connectivity backed by best-in-class service throughout the globe.

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