Move against DGM, Lakvijaya: Clarification

Apropos our page 2 news item headlined Electrical engineers launch work to rule to oust DGM with the strap line CEB electrical, mechanical engineers at loggerheads published carried on June 11, Ceylon Electricity Board Independent Engineers’ Association has sent the following statement: "There has not been a single complaint against the DGM of Lakvijaya Power Plant at Norochcholai by anyone to his immediate superior or the CEB management.

= If such complaint had been lodged an investigation should have been carried out.

=However, the Chairman and General Manager of CEB visited the Power Plant and met the engineers and superintendents and technicians to ascertain at first hand information regarding the issues which led to demand the removal of DGM from The plant.

=After the meeting with the power plant staff by the Chairman and the General Manager, except the Electrical Engineers in the plant, all other staff requested to retain, Saliya Panditharatne as the DGM of the plant.

=The complaint published in the media stated as "bad management" and in the recent article on 10th June 2013, it has been referred as technical issues."

=All these attempts by the CEBEU and some of its members are to remove a dedicated engineer only because he is a Mechanical Engineer who has won the confidence of all the superiors and to pave the way to get an Electrical Engineer appointed instead.

=This is the first coal power plant in Sri Lanka, in which a majority of processes are mechanical in nature and had an Electrical Engineer led the plant the problems encountered since the commissioning would not have been corrected at the pace it was corrected by "an experienced Mechanical Engineer."

News Editor: The Island stands by its story

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