Now a political brat assaults principal: but case settled with apology

by Dasun Edirisinghe

 On top of UPFA North Western Provincial Council member forcing a teacher to go down on her knees over advising his daughter to lengthen her school uniform, the son of a Mihintale Pradeshiya Sabha UPFA member had allegedly assaulted the Principal of the Niwanthaka Chethiya Maha Vidyalaya in Anuradhapura yesterday morning.

President of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union, Priyantha Fernando told The Island that later in the day, the Pradeshiya Sabha member gone to the school and apologised to the principal for his son’s act.

He said that the Pradeshiya Sabha member Anil Pushpnanda removed his son, a Grade 13 student from the School later yesterday to avoid any further problems.

Fernando said that normally Grade 13 students did not attend school daily, but he went to the school yesterday while the school was in session.

Principal didn’t know he was a Grade 13 student and inquired from him why he was outside during school time.

"Piqued by the inquiry, the student assaulted the principal," he said adding that when the principal tried to take the student to his office, the student ran away.

However, other teachers of the school stopped teaching and gathered in the Principal’s office in protest of the attack, Fernando said.

The teacher trade unionist said that the situation returned to normal after Pradeshiya Sabha member apologized for his son’s foolish act.

Principal lodged a complaint with the Anuradhapura Police for his future protection, Fernando said.

Anuradhapura police minor offence branch, OIC Inspector Pathma Nandana said that the case was settled by the two parties.

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