CEB loses Rs. 30 mn in power per day by not running all turbines

by Ifham Nizam

 Despite high storage levels in the catchments, the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) is missing the opportunity to generate maximum power output from the Kukule and Victoria hydro power stations, thereby losing more than 30 million rupees worth of hydro power per day, a senior official said.

The Island learns that since early this month the Board has wasted the opportunity of producing more than Rs. 300 million worth of hydro electricity. Experts expressed shock that of the two turbines of Kukule only one was functioning, while of the three turbines at the Victoria only two were functioning. The Board claimed that one turbine at Victoria was undergoing maintenance.

"Engineers should have taken prompt decisions to put the turbine in working order when Kukule was running at spill level. It is also absurd to go for maintenance at a time when more could be done through water resources," the official stressed.

"CEB management and regulatory body, the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka should be held responsible for such crimes," says Lanka Viduli Sevaka Sangamaya Convener Ranjan Jayalal.

While other trade unions also said that PUCSL should take up the matter very seriously rather than allow consumers to pay for the sins of the CEB.

"Dispatching data on the monitoring system to highlight shortcomings is very crucial when it comes to transparency and exposing wastage by the Board," an official said.

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