Kudo at World Games 2013


by Russell Palipane

Kudo, a mixed martial art introduced by founder Grandmaster Azuma Takashi 32 years ago, was introduced to Sri Lanka by Shihan J. M. Mohideen (a founder member of the Sri Lanka Karate Do Federation), in 1996. At present, the art is practiced in over 60 countries.

According to Mohideen, Grandmaster Azuma Takashi is striving to have Kudo among the Olympic Games sports. As a first step, he has succeeded in including Kudo as a demonstrative sport at the ‘World Games 2013’ Scheduled to be held in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, next month.

The Director, World Games 2013, Jose Luis Echeverry Azcarate, in a letter to Grandmaster Azuma Takashi has stated; "I think dear master that a big step has been taken for the sport that you have created and I want you to remember my unconditional support, as it seems good times are coming for Kudo."

It is very likely that Kudo will be accepted as a regular sport at future world games.

Shihan J. M. Mohideen, the President and Chief Instructor for Kudo in Sri Lanka and the Regional Director for South Asia, said that it is very unfortunate that the Ministry of Sports has failed to recognise Kudo as a national sport in Sri Lanka. "This is mainly due to the ignorance of some members of the Sri Lanka Karate do Federation, who on many occasions have informed the Deputy Director (who handled our application for a separate body for Kudo), that Kudo is the same as Karate Do. It is of immense relief and pleasure that the ‘World Games’ has recognized Kudo as a separate sport. I hope that this will open the eyes of all those concerned and approve our request (10 applications made during this tenure), for a separate National body for Kudo, which has been pending recognition for over five years and has gone through the scrutiny of three Sports Ministers. We hope that the present Minister, Mahindananda Aluthgamage, will act in a manner that will benefit Kudo."

Other exhibition sports approved by the International World Games Association and the local organizing committee are Indoor Soccer, Hapkido (Martial Art), Touch Ball and Ball Game.

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