CAA raids in Jaffna unearth date expired milk supplement

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) yesterday revealed that its flying squad had, during a raid in Jaffna last week, discovered that an outdated milk supplement, for patients with diabetes, was being sold.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Co-operative and Internal Trade, Nipun Ekanayake, said that raids were carried out on pharmacies in the Jaffna District by a CAA flying squad following public complaints.

Ekanayake said that a milk supplement named ‘Pro Malt’ had been found on the shelves of pharmacies. Closer inspection revealed that labels had been altered by 12 months giving the milk supplement a 24 month life span.  

The CAA had been informed through the Jaffna District Secretariat about the incident. Steps were taken to raid the warehouse in Spencer Street, Colombo 12 where thousand 200-gramme packs of the re-labeled milk supplement had been stored. The milk product was for patients with diabetes.

The stock found at the warehouse was to be retailed to consumers in Wellawatte and Jaffna. The spokesman said that the company manufacturing the product was in Ragama and the squad had raided it early this week. The raw materials used to produce the supplement had already exceeded their dates of expiry, he said. The items used were boiled so that even a semblance of nutrition that remained would be destroyed, the spokesman said.   

Ekanayake warned that the Ministry would take stringent legal action against those responsible for misleading the public and helpless patients within the next few days. 

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