Gen. Fonseka says no to amending 13A at this juncture

Conduct NPC polls first and act if CMs make decisions detrimental to national interest


By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

 Democratic Party Leader General Sarath Fonseka yesterday urged the government to hold the Northern Provincial Council election the way it had done in other provinces according to the present Constitution, instead of creating a race issue between the Tamils and Sinhalese by taking away certain powers from the PCs in the run-up to the NPC polls.  

Addressing the media at the Democratic Party head office in Colombo yesterday, Gen. Fonseka stressed that amending the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was not acceptable under the present circumstances. The people in the South and North should be treated equally, he said, adding that the government should not pave the way for another conflict. "If the government amends the 13th Amendment and then holds the election it means that the government is not treating the South and the North equally."

 However, he noted that the 13th Amendment should be amended if there were any powers that would be disastrous to the country after finishing the NPC elections and if a Chief Minister went on to make disastrous decisions, there should be a way to stop that.  

Gen. Fonseka said, "Misusing of powers by the Rajapaksa regime is a big issue that the country is experiencing. All the people in power abuse their powers and the problem is not with the provincial council system."    

The government was misleading the public by creating an issue over the 13th Amendment and they were trying to escape from the grave economic issues facing the people by diverting people’s attention elsewhere, the war winning General said.

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