Estate head killed

By Madura Ranwala

The 71-year-old Superintendent of Noori Tea Estate, in Deraniyagala, was assaulted with clubs and then stabbed to death, yesterday morning, by a group of 15 men backed by an area politician for allegedly attempting to stop irregularities.

The estate is a BOI project under Bogawantalawa Plantations Limited. The suspects are believed to have fallen out with the victim due to his resistance to logging on the estate.

Police spokesman SP Buddhika Siriwardana told The Island that the victim, Nihal Perera, had been pronounced dead on admission to the Deraniyagala hospital. Two other workers, too, were assaulted by the suspects when they tried to save their boss.

According to sources, the victim had assumed duties as the superintendent of the estate two months ago and he had tried to discipline the workers under him.

He had also been assaulted earlier too by the same group believed, to be outsiders and some workers backed by an area politician two months ago and was hospitalised with injuries.

The SP said that the police had arrested two suspects who arrived at the scene in a pick-up truck

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