Acid attack  victim Ayur Comm. regains partial sight

By Norman Palihawadana

Former North-Central Province Ayurveda Commissioner Dr. Kumara Alwis, who was the victim of an acid attack a few months ago, which cost him his eyesight, has shown signs of regaining sight in his right eye following surgery.

He had been undergoing specialist treatment during the last five months.

Alwis underwent a cornea transplant, performed by eminent eye surgeon Dr. Charith Fonseka recently, on his right eye.

"My vision has gradually improved and now I could see something like a shadow when I open my eyes," Alwis said.

Three corneas would be transplanted to each of his eyes in the process, he said.

He thanked Dr. Fonseka and said that the transplant was done with a cornea obtained from the eyes of a dead donor.

He expressed confidence that his sight would be restored.

The estimate given by the Singapore hospital for the transplant was Rs 13 million, but now it was being performed-at the Colombo Eye Hospital, the former NCP Ayurveda Commissioner said.

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