On national question
Tamil political leaders bury the hatchet

By Franklin R. Satyapalan


EPDP leader, Minister Douglas Devavanda has invited the TNA , TMVP and the ACTC to join other Tamil political parties to reach a common understanding on problems facing the Tamils, especially a political solution to the national problem.

Tamil political sources said that many were taken by surprise after TULF leader V. Anandasangaree pushed aside his differences with the EPDP leader and sat down with him to explore how Tamil parties could reach a common understanding on all problems faced by the Tamil people in their day to day life.

The meeting was convened by the EPDP leader at his office last Thursday evening with TULF Leader V. Anansangaree, PLOTE leader D. Siddharthan, Tamil National Liberation Alliance (TNLA) leader N .Srikantha and General Secretary M. K. Sivajilingham, EPRLF (Naba Wing) General Secretary T. Sritharan, Sri Telo General Secretary N. Uthayan and EROS General Secretary V. Prabhakaran participating in the discussions which lasted over two hours., the sources said.

PLOTE Leader and ex MP Dharmalingham Siddharthan said the meeting was a positive step towards reaching a common understanding and it was held in a cordial and friendly manner though some of the Tamil political parties were diametrically opposed earlier.

The General Secretary of the Tamil National Liberation Alliance M. K. Sivajilingham said that the parties were able to reach a unanimous decision on the agenda for the talks as a political solution and day to day problems including the resettlement of the IDPs in their former places of abode and helping them restart their livelihoods.

All the Tamil political parties present were unanimous in their decision that the TNA, TMVP and the ACTC should be invited to join the other parties and that they should meet the next time at a common venue which could not be rejected by any of the other parties when they reconvene on July 1 at 9 am.

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