Geoffrey Bawa Award 3rd cycle begins

by Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Geoffrey Bawa Award is a about the celebration of the built environment as it focuses its attention on how skillfully the architect had been able to fulfill the purpose of the client its Trustee, Channa Daswatte said addressing a press briefing to announce the third cycle of the ‘Geoffrey Bawa Awards’ on Tuesday (23).

Daswatte said that the judges should be able to experience the architecture when they walked into a buildings designed by architects contesting for the Geoffrey Bawa Award 2013/2014.

It was not the intention of the Bawa Trust to encourage the simulation of the Bawa’s architecture. "We rather hope to promote enthusiasm and new methods in solving problems in architecture," the Geoffrey Bawa Trustee said.

The third cycle of the awards would be held next year on July 23. Competitors for the Award could collect their prescribed applications from the ‘Geoffrey Bawa Trust Office on week days between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on week days. Applicants are given over two months to submit all necessary documentation which include drawings, architects’ curricula vitae, company brochures, additional photographs and drawings or maps.

He said that all documents should be submitted by November 1. "The aim of this award is to recognise and reward significant examples of Sri Lankan architecture."

Specifying the criteria for the award, Daswatta said that the projects should be those built within Sri Lanka within 10 years from July 23rd 2003 while they should be realised and occupied for at least nine months.

Those which did not win an award during the 2010/2011 cycle were eligible for re-application.

Winners will receive one million rupees as prize money. The initial submissions would be short listed by the judges during which physical, technical review would be presented to the judges. The final decision would be announced on July 23, 2014.

The panel of judges include Geoffrey Bawa Trustee Eugenie Mack, Architect Ashok Lall from New Delhi, President Sri Lanka Institute of Architects Prof. Chitra Wedikkara and Former Under Secretary General of the UN and special representative on Children and Armed Conflict Prof. Radhika Coomaraswamy.

The Trustee said that all short listed nominations would be archived with the Bawa Trust for future references. The Geoffrey Bawa archives were discussing possibilities of forming a collaboration with the National Archives, he added.

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