Dr. Stella de Silva Inaugural Memorial Oration tomorrow

The Inaugural Dr. Stella De Silva Memorial Oration 2013 under the auspices of the Sri Lanka College of Pediatricians will be held on August 5 at 9.45 am at the Hotel Galadari.

The oration, ‘Looking back…, at a dazzling star’ will be delivered by Dr. B J C Perera, , President, Sri Lanka Medical Association.

Dr. Perera, is a Consultant Pediatrician and was the First President of the Sri Lanka College of Pediatricians (1996/97). Having qualified with MBBS (Ceylon) in 1970, Dr. Perera subsequently obtained DCH (Ceylon), DCH (Eng), MRCP (UK), MD (Pediatrics), FRCP (Edin), FRCP (London), FRCPCH (UK), FSLCPaed, FCCP and CFGP (SL). He was the Founder President of the Respiratory Disease Study Group of Sri Lanka (2000 – 2006), Chairman of the Board of Study in Pediatrics of the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine of the University of Colombo (2003-2006) and currently a member of the Board of Study in Pediatrics of the PGIM. He was an examiner for the medical undergraduates of the Universities of Colombo and Peradeniya, Post graduates of the PGIM of the University of Colombo and external examiner for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan.

He is widely traveled and is also widely recognized and respected as an authority on childhood respiratory diseases, Dr. Perera has many Research achievements and has authored over 80 scientific publications, over 60 oral scientific platform presentations in Sri Lanka and abroad, four prizes for the best paper of the Congress and has been the editor and chapter/joint author of seven books. His research interests include childhood asthma, respiratory infections, breast-feeding and pediatric HIV disease. He has also served as an Assistant Editor of the Ceylon Medical Journal and Joint Editor of the Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health.

Vidyajyothi Dr. Stella de Silva was one of Sri Lanka’s foremost child specialists. Having graduated from the University of Ceylon with 1st Class Honors and a distinction in Surgery in 1942, she subsequently obtained DCH, MRCP (London), MRCP (Edinburgh), FRCP (London), FRCP (Edinburgh) and MD (Ceylon). She served as Senior Pediatrician and Consultant Pediatrician at Lady Ridgeway Hospital and Professor and Head of Department of Pediatrics at the North Colombo Medical College (NCMC). She was President of the Sri Lanka Pediatric Association (1980/81), President of the Sri Lanka Medical Association (1981/82) and Editor/Editor Emeritus of the Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health for a record 36 years. Dr. Stella de Silva passed away in April 2012.

"Dr Stella", as she was affectionately known, was one of the most sought after pediatricians in the country for well over half a century. She treated countless young children and imparted her knowledge to thousands of medical students and helped to improve the health of the poor in rural communities of Sri Lanka.

Her wealth of experience and knowledge was not only recognized by thousands parents of little children in Sri Lanka but was also well recognized beyond Sri Lanka. Dr Stella delivered medical papers at several conferences overseas including at the International Congress of Pediatrics in Montreal, Lisbon and Buenos Aires.

Dr B. J. C. Perera is well known in medical circles for his admirable oratorical skills. He is bound to fascinate the audience with his proverbial silver tongue about the life and times of an enormously skilled, dedicated and caring pediatrician, Dr Stella de Silva- a medical specialist driven by a rare passion for healing the sick.

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