Nature’s Secrets opens herbal beauty store at BIA


Nature’s Beauty Creations (NBC), the creator of Nature’s Secrets, opened a new Herbal Beauty Store at Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) recently.

With a 100% Sri Lankan ownership, Nature’s Secrets has successfully secured brand ownership in more than 50 countries including the United States of America, as well as countries across Asia and Europe.

"In the past, an agreement signed by the Airport & Aviation Services with a Duty Free Operator made it impossible for Sri Lankan cosmetics producers to display and sell their products at Bandaranaike International Airport. However, changes made under ‘Mahinda Chinthana’ now enable Sri Lankan brands such as Nature’s Secrets to have a showroom at the BIA," the company said in a statement.

"With over a million foreigners passing through the airport and an estimated increase to 2 million in the next few years, Nature’s Beauty Creations is confident that Nature’s Secrets Herbal Beauty Store will be a great opportunity to enter new markets and further establish its brand worldwide.

Nature’s Secrets boasts a wide array of international quality products, from a No.1 facial wash range to the purest Aloe Vera skin soothing gel in the market. Nature’s Secrets beauty products come in Platinum, Herbal Heritage, Standard and Salon & Spa ranges, targeting a wide range of customers. In attempts to further broaden its product portfolio NBC recently launched two alluring fragrance collections for ladies and men, ‘S Cologne’ and ‘NS Black’; international standard perfume collections at Sri Lankan prices.

The natural ingredients used in Nature’s Secrets products are grown locally and carefully extracted in high tech laboratories at Nature’s Beauty Creations, maintaining ISO and GMP standards, ensuring authenticity, hygiene and freshness. These natural extracts are fused with the world’s best cosmetics ingredients in a state of the art factory to create Nature’s Secrets herbal cosmetics. Nature’s Beauty Creations has also created a large herbal medicinal plant garden with over 500 varieties of herbal plants, including many endemic and aquatic plants."

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