Fonterra will withdraw products in 48 hours


 MD Fonterra Leon Clement (L) and Executive Director Alan Fitzsimmpns (C) at Thursday’s media briefing

  Pic by Jude Denzil Pathiraja

By Don Asoka Wijewardena

Fonterra Managing Director Leon Clement yesterday said that his company would withdraw Fonterra milk products such as (Anchor 1 plus, batch No 107610161 and Anchor full cream milk batch No 0605C 08831 11-21) from the market within 48 hours in keeping with instructions given by Director General Health Services Dr. Palitha Maheepala.

Clement said that the method used by the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) was not scientific as it did not have Temdam Mass Spectrometry Machine to test the milk products for Dicyandiamide (DCD).

Speaking to the media at Cinnamon Grand hotel yesterday, Clement added that the Fonterra company had been in Sri Lanka for the last 35 years and had 80,000 dealers. But due to some conspiracies the company was heavy losses. Fonterra believed that the products sent to the market and the milk products imported to Sri Lanka direct from new Zealand were 100 per cent quality assured and genuine. Fonterra was also of the view that the testing method used by the ITI was not internationally accepted. The company had got the approval of highly recognised internally accredited laboratories for Fonterra milk products.

Clement said that DCD was used on grass and it was not harmful to humans at all. But, it could be harmful if someone consumed 500,000 litres Even the common salt consumed by the majority of people could be harmful, he claimed.

Fonterra had been informed by the Ministry that some more samples, in addition to the batch numbers, were being tested by the ITI, Clement said. The company would assure that the parent company would do more lab tests in the future to guarantee the quality of its products before they were exported.

Director General of Health Services Dr. Palitha Maheepala has asked three companies to immediately withdraw their products containing the under mentioned batch numbers.

The industrial Technology Institute (ITI), tested Anchor 1-plus- batch no 107610163, Anchor Full Cream milk Powder – batch no 0605 –C 0883 11-21 produced by Fonterra company (Ltd), Maliban Non- Fat Milk Powder –batch no 13074 A1, imported by Maliban Milk Products (Ltd) and Diamond Milk Powder batch no NW 1 F1 PDX 1 PM, imported by Mohamad Ali Milk Products Company. Those products tested positive for DCD.


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