Plea for blood from Maharagama

The National Cancer Institute at Maharagama has been running short of blood for the past one month due to lack of blood donors, with the completion of the war in 2009, consultant oncologist Dr. Dehan Gunasekara said yesterday. 

He told The Island the institute was in dire need of blood to save ten lives in ward 17 and 18 and therefore wanted people to donate as quickly as possible to save those lives for at least few months or years. 

Cancer patients in the hospital were undergoing numerous difficulties in trying to find a cure to their sicknesses, when problems similar to these come their way, their lives become miserable, Dr. Gunasekera stressed. 

He said that about ten patients, whose lives, were at risk, needed blood urgently and requested caring people to donate blood to the institution immediately and to continue to donate blood for those patients, who strive to live at least a day more.

The patients and the blood groups they need in the wards 17 and 18 are: R. K. A. Subasinghe (O+), M. D. Jayatilake (O+), H. C. K. Chandra (A+), Shehan Chamara (O+), Randika Prasad (O-), Kasun Salwatura(O+), Shyama Wijeweera (O+), J. P. S. Jayasundara

(O+), H. M. Siriyawathi (A+) and E. M. Dayawathi (O+).

During the war people had been donating blood all over the country on a regular basis considering the then urgent need for blood.

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