CDDRA plays the same tune

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Cosmetic Devices and Drugs Regulatory Authority (CDDRA) yesterday warned that stringent action would be taken against private pharmacies which fail to ensure the quality of drugs they sell.

The spokesman for the Health Ministry said that the Authority had warned that it would deal harshly with wholesale drug dealers as well. A wholesale dealer was taken into custody during a raid carried out on a private pharmacy in Dehiwala on Wednesday (07). He said that it was illegal for wholesale dealers to provide drugs to unregistered pharmacies.

Steps would be taken to cancel the licences of wholesale drug dealers who provide drugs to unregistered private pharmacies, while legal action would be taken against the latter.

The spokesman said that the raid had been carried out following a tip off received from the Excise Department. The pharmacy was allegedly issuing drugs without a doctor’s prescription. It had been revealed during the raid that the pharmacy was unregistered. It had been functioning illegally for several years.

The CDDRA had received several complaints regarding unregistered pharmacies during the last few months. The CDDRA would take all regulatory measures to ensure that the public was provided with quality drugs. Pharmacies should make sure that they abide by the recommendations provided to them on quality control, the Ministry spokesman claimed.  

 A few weeks ago another wholesaler was found to have given several hundred thousand diazepam tablets to an unauthorized person who in turn was selling it to certain toddy taverns to mix it with their brew to give it an enhanced kick.

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