Grandpass attack to cover up Weliweriya killings – UNP


By Zacki Jabbar

 The UNP yesterday accused the government of being up to its old tricks again, by instigating Saturday’s attack on the Grandpass Mosque in an attempt to erase the memory of the recent Weliweriya killings.

Public anger had been building up over the army firing on unarmed people in Weliweriya, who were only asking for clean water, UNP MP Harin Fernando told a news conference in Colombo.

MP Fernando said that in an attempt to divert attention from the Weliweriya shootings, which led to three persons, including two school boys, being killed and 60 injured, the Mosque assault had been planned and launched the day after the Ramazan Festival, when Muslims were still engaged in their religious obligations.

The Weliweriya shootings and Grandpass clashes could not have taken place without the knowledge of government leaders. Incidents of such nature including attacks on Churches had been continuing for a long time and could not have been sustained without backing from the very top, the MP alleged.

Muslim Ministers, MPs and Presidential Advisors in the ruling UPFA were also to blame for the repeated attacks on their religious places of worship and economic interests, Fernando said, adding that they should stop being puppets of the Rajapaksas and take concrete action without issuing mere statements which had achieved nothing.

Once again the old record "international conspiracies" was being played to explain all home grown problems including the Rajapaksa regime’s economic failure. The magic word would be heard more frequently in the run up to September’s Northern, Central and North-Western Provincial Council elections, Fernando said.

The MP said that the government’s favourite pastime was to blame all home grown problems on foreigners and it had been revived again with the law and order situation deteriorating further.

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