Reveal identity of fifth party involved in Weliweriya incident – UNP

By Zacki Jabbar

The government had claimed that there was a fifth party involved in the recent Weliweriya incident, but it was yet to identify at least the third party it had earlier referred to, the UNP said yesterday.

UNP parliamentarian Gayantha Karunathillaka, addressing a news conference in Colombo, said that immediately after the army had fired on Weliweriya villagers who were asking for clean water on August 1, resulting in three deaths and injuries to 60 persons, the military spokesman had claimed that a third party was involved.

"Now we are told that a fifth party was responsible," Karunathillaka said, adding that attempts to confuse the people should stop and the culprits identified and arrested.

The MP observed that the Rajapaksa regime which had been able to hoodwink the public with terms such as "traitors and international conspiracies", now stood naked before its own people.

The cat was out of the bag and all Sri Lankans were now aware of the double games the powers that be were up to, while paying lip service to democracy and communal harmony, Karunathillake said.

Accusing the government of allowing tense situations to develop into conflicts resulting in death and destruction, Karunathaillaka pointed out that the Weliweriya killings and Saturday’s attack on the Grandpass Mosque, were just two of many such ugly incidents that had taken place since the UPFA came to power. The Rajapaksa regime’s answer to its inaction was to appoint Commissions of Inquiry, but the public had no faith in such measures since hundreds of Commission reports were gathering dust without any action being taken, he noted.

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