Bus fares will increase despite Govt’s heroics

- Gayantha

By Zacki Jabbar

Despite bold statements by the government to hoodwink the public, the National Transport Commission (NTC) had agreed to permit an increase in private bus fares, Gayantha Karunathillake MP said yesterday.

He told a press conference in Colombo that the authorities were marking time and would permit the 10 per cent bus fare hike demanded by the Private Bus Owners Association, with effect from September 1.

The government was behaving like a hero, but in reality had given into the bus operators. In a bid to buying time, a committee would be appointed to discuss the issue. The end result would be the public having to pay extra for transport, Karunathillaka predicted.

However, the National Transport Commission said that legal action would be filed against those who arbitrarily jacked up bus fares in violation of the agreements that had been entered into.

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