CMC claims ITI demands payment to test milk food

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Colombo Municipal Council’s Public Health Department (CMC PHD) had been thrown into a quandary over the refusal, by the Industrial Technological Institute (ITI), to conduct tests on samples of milk food it had sent for testing.

A spokesman for the CMC PHD yesterday said they had taken samples of certain batches of milk powder to test for the toxic agro chemical, dicyanamide. Amongst them were Anchor one Plus (batch number 107610163), Anchor Full Cream (0605C088311-2), Maliban Non Fat (13074A1) and Diamond Full Cream Milk (NW1FIPDX1). But, the Industrial Technological Institute had refused to test the said milk food without a payment of Rs. 33,000. However, the Health Ministry, which collaborated with the CMC, had pledged to pay the amount to have the samples tested, he said.

The other samples taken include Paediapro and Aniline.

The Department also submitted samples of dietary milk food supplements containing whey protein for testing to the Medical Research Institute (MRI). The samples taken include Power Mass, Chocobite, Snickers, Happy Cow Cheese, Kinder Joy, Ultra and Ferrero Rocher.

The spokesman said that the samples were taken as a precautionary measure to test for the harmful bacterium Clostridium botulinum, owing to the whey protein.

The PHIs and Food Inspectors had been instructed to issue instructions to all supermarkets, groceries, warehouses and shops to temporarily remove samples of the above mentioned products from their shelves till the tests have been completed.

However, there were larger amounts of dietary milk food supplements in pharmacies and the PHD had not been vested with the power to inspect them under the Cosmetic Devices and Drug Regulatory Act, the spokesman added.

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