Maliban claims its milk powder free of DCD

In the wake of media reports based on findings made by the Industrial Technological Institute (ITI) that Maliban non fact milk powder, too, contained DCD, Theja Gunawardena, Manager, Quality Assurance, Maliban Milk Products (Pvt) Limited has issued the following statement: Our product does not contain DCD. This is an assurance given by the Milk Powder supplier, ‘Dairy Australia’, the governing body of the Australian Dairy Industry as well as the Australian Government.

In addition, Maliban Non Fat Milk Powder was also tested for DCD at an accredited foreign laboratory, for the highest precision and was detected as containing no DCD. (Level of Quantification – 10ppb or 0.01mg/kg while the stipulated level of the Food Control Administration Unit is 50ppb or 0.05mg/kg.)

Maliban Non Fat Milk Powder is also manufactured by the Murray Goulburn Co-operative Company Ltd, Australia and is a product of Australia and of wholly Australian origin. Australia has never used DCD in dairy farming and there is absolutely no way that their farming lands can be contaminated with DCD. Animal feed and even the cow’s drinking water is totally from the territory of Australia and the product obtained from the factory is shipped directly to us in Sri Lanka.

In addition, The Food Control Administration Unit of the Ministry of Health as well as the Import Clearance Scheme of the Sri Lanka Standard Institution thoroughly screens all imported milk powders before release from the Customs.

Errors in the Conclusion

In the conclusion statement it mentions that "The accuracy of the method cannot be determined due to the unavailability of certified reference material". Therefore its conclusion cannot be accepted as accurate.

No Witness Sampling

ITI should have conducted the test with witness sampling as is done by the Consumer Affairs Authority. The sample should have been obtained in the presence of a company representative, ITI representative and the shop owner/showroom manager. Since this was not adhered to the validity of the report cannot be accepted.

Finally I would like to state that Maliban Brand Milk Powders are safe for consumption with absolutely no DCD contaminants. Our products have been produced in keeping with the Quality and Food Safety Assurance standards such as ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems, ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management Systems, ISO 14000 – Environmental Management Systems in addition to processing steps certified by Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP Systems, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points – HACCP Systems and SLS 731 product certification."

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