Kerawalapitiya Combined Cycle Power Plant to be reactivated


By Ifham Nizam

In view of the shutdown of the Norochcholai coal-fired power plant on Wednesday for its annual maintenance, the CEB has decided to reactivate 300MW Kerawalapitiya Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant.

The CEB’s top management has ordered its Dispatch Division to give the green light for reactivating the Kerawalapitiya plant from Thursday (22) to meet the power shortfall caused by the shutting down of the Norachcholai plant, CEB sources said.

The Kerawalapitiya plant has been non functional for more than two and half months.

The 300MW Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant was dealt a body blow a few months ago when the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) severely warned the CEB that it would not provide oil if the outstanding bills were not settled.

A senior engineer told The Island that luckily the Treasury had given strict instructions to keep it supplied with fuel and the reservoirs have been brimful giving a 75-day rest to the 300 MW plant.

However, with the first 300 MW coal fired plant in Norochcholai to be closed down on Wednesday, the Board would heavily depend on the Kerawalapitiya Plant.

Due to the shutting down of the Kerawalapitiya plant, the CEB has saved more than seven billion rupees as the operational cost of the plant comes to little more than Rs. 100 million a day, according to officials.

An engineer at the Kerawalapiyta plant said that the CEB had been very fortunate this year, after two years, as it had the additional support of water for more than four months. "Usually we have 300 GWh by this time but now we have some 1,200 GWh. In others words, we could manage with 150 MW, by taking into consideration Poya and other holidays," he added.

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