Milco claims multi-nationals planning to discredit it

By Ifham Nizam

Following the recent revelation that certain imported milk foods contained substances harmful to human health, multi national diary companies are planning to discredit it MILCO (Private) Limited, by using influence at all levels, warns its Deputy Chairman, Sanjay Leelaratne.

He told The Island yesterday that imported milk found unsafe should be removed from the shelves till thorough investigations were conducted. He expressed concern that some stocks of milk powder were being given the green light once again.

He said that MILCO always had a demand and plans were underway to make one million litres per day from the present 200,000 million litres. "The move would have disturbed multinationals and that’s why they bought people from MILCO itself to try to create issues within the 60-year-old institution.

Leelaratne said: "We also have our doubts about their manipulation of milk farmers in the country. We had appointed investigation teams to counter such attempts."

Leelaratne also said that MILCO dairy products came without any chemicals in keeping with the state policy of providing high nutrition through clean fresh liquid milk.

He said his company would continue to serve the public while maintaining highest standards. "I am confident that the greedy elements in the pay of foreigners will not be able to dupe the intelligent Sri Lankans.

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