The Mathew Peiris episode is not about religion


A still from the film starring Jacqueline Fernandez and Alston Koch

The misgiving expressed by Meril De Silva (The Island 7/8) about Chandran Rutnams forthcoming movie of the "Vicarage Murder and his tears of impending adverse effects are quite farfetched.

The Mathew Peiris episode is not about priest or religion. It’s about a demonic exorcist, a depraved, predatory Rusputian in a godless world a dark tragedy that cries out for serious unadorned cinematic documentation (A.C. Alles, "Mathew Peiris – from mysticism to murder", was published in 1992). Rutnam is surely the right man for the job who could handle this delicate subject in a sensitive and objective manner. There is no need for reader M de S to be overly concerned.

What’s regrettable however, was his sly innuendos (irrelevant to his contentions) about the Buddhist clergy’s and a minister’s involvement in the Bandaranaike assassination – a blatant breach of the very morality he seemed to upheld and advocate.

Rutnam should seriously consider this national tragedy as a future project, perhaps pursuing the two time Oscar winning Oliver Stone. His movie, "JFK" tried to prove that Kennedy assassination was not the work of Lee Harvey Oswald but an attempt at a coup by a group of industrialists and the military conspirators. It even strangely questioned The Warren Commission Report and created pressure for the reopening of the investigation. The rumour here was that Somarama was not assassin but a "man in robes" identified as a powerful liquor merchant who was spotted at Kataragama with head shaven, purportedly fulfilling a vow, though of a different faith.

Asoka Weerakoon

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