Maliban wants proof of DCD in  its milk products

ITI stands by test results

by Don asoka Wijewardena

The Maliban Group of Companies yesterday said that if proof was provided that its milk products contained DCD, it would withdraw all of them from the market forthwith.

Maliban Executive Director Lakshman Weerasuriya, addressing a news conference yesterday laimed that though the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) had announced that Maliban non-fat milk con tained DCD, that was not the case as there had been a mix-up at the ITI. He said some contamisamples had been mistaken for those of Maliban products.

 He said that Maliban non-fat milk didn’t contain DCD or bacteria.

Maliban milk products were imported from Australia and the Australian government and three state institutions of that country certified that their milk products, Weerasuriya said.

He said that legal action would be taken against ITI for tarnishing Maliban’s image and added that there was a conspiracy by multinational companies to destroy local companies.   

Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) Director Dr. Sirimal Premakumara yesterday assured that no complaints had been received by anyone so far on the Maliban milk products samples tested by the ITI.

Dr. Premakumara said that the ITI stood by the report issued on the Maliban milk products sold in the market. Maliban non-fat milk powder samples, taken from the market had been tested and Maliban non-fat milk powder with particular batch numbers had been found to be DCD positive.

When asked whether the ITI had by mistake mixed up the samples, Dr. Premakumar said that there had been no such mistakes. He said the samples had been scientifically tested with the latest technology. So far nobody had complained of there being any mix up of samples, he said.

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