The collapse of the Plantation Raj

The Vice Chairman of the Medadumbara Pradeshiya Sabha S. Mohan said that plantations in the Medadumbara Divisional Secretariat area such as Rangala, Gonawala, Harold Falls, Kotaganga,Nangappuwa, Liyangahawala and Bond Side owned by the State Plantations Corporation were making losses and the employees were facing a lot of hardships. He said that thousands of casual employees both Sinhala and Tamil were working on those plantations and they didn’t get work for more than two to three days a week.

No gratuity had been paid to them upon retirement and no compensation was paid to the families of workers who died on duty.

The workers were not provided with any medical or health facilities and though there were estate hospitals they had no doctors, the Pradeshiya Sabha Vice Chairman said.

Schoolchildren were without facilities and their performance was poor. Parents didn’t have the wherewithal to even buy the stationery for them, the Vice Chairman said.

He said that the authorities had been informed of the situation at District Coordination Committee meetings and Provincial Council meetings but in vain.

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