Tamilnadu fishermen poach in our exclusive economic zone



 By A. Denis N. Fernando

Fellow National Academy of Sciences

Hon. Member CIMOGG

The recent Poaching by South Indian Fishermen as indicated by the Sri Lankan Navy after midnight every day violates not only our Exclusive Zone but also the Human Rights of Tamil fishermen in the North of Sri Lanka. It appears that this is clearly supported by both the Indian Government as well as the State of Tamil Nadu and in fact they behave like hypocrites. Though they pretend to fight for the rights of the Sri Lankan Tamils like dropping "PARRIPU" to them in Jaffna before the Indo-Sri Lankan agreement was forced upon us.

Please see the Map of Indian Poachers indicated by the Sri Lankan Navy.

It is time that we definitely demarcate the INTERNATIONAL boundary between our countries. Many years ago the author indicated that this could be easily done especially between our two countries by having FLOATING BUOYS that are anchored about a mile apart with rotating mirrors which could be lit with a simple cycle dynamo. The Sri Lankan Navy can patrol the Sri Lankan side while the Indian Navy could patrol the Indian side and arrest any body and confiscate trawles violating International Law and stop bullying us to submission.

To remind everyone of the boundary of our Exclusive Economic Zone the accompanying Map it clearly indicate as Lanka samudra as it belongs to us and the Pro Lanka Samudra which we can claim as it is in our continental shelf and sediments over 100 metres thickness and limiting it to the medium line between this EEZ’s of our neighbours to prevent alternative claims.

From N. Fernando

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