Jayantha Dharmadasa’s e-mail to Kumar Sangakkara (30/08/2013)


Dear Kumar,

Your letter dated 29th August sent via e-mail to Nishantha Ranatunga (Secretary SLC) and copied to all members of the Executive Committee has been referred to me for reply.

All of us at SLC in unison accept the fact that your commitment and performance at cricket stands out with the best in the world and that you have achieved the highest award for such performance at ICC. It is therefore quite natural and obvious that we at SLC would want you to represent the local team at the CL T/20 tournament.

When you met me last morning I explained to you that I shall endeavour to resolve whatever concerns and issues you have, to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. However your letter to Nishantha and various comments you made to the media negates the purpose of this discussion between us. This is rather unfortunate.

Your letter also has certain inaccuracies which I need to point out in order to put the record straight.

a) Whilst we appreciate your gesture to redistribute the prize monies and match fees for playing Club and Provincial Cricket to your fellow cricketers and the Club employees, it is purely a private matter which SLC is not privy to. In so far as SLC records indicate, the money has been paid to you as prize money and match fees. With regard to the player contracts, these are matters which SLC officials discussed between Sri Lanka team representatives including the Captain and agreement reached prior to signing the contracts.

Therefore I do not see any relevance in the above to substantiate your commitment to the game of cricket which we are fully aware of, irrespective of what you state.

b) We totally deny that SLC has misrepresented facts to the media nor mislead the media in any manner whatsoever and we have not stated anything to question your loyalty to play for the local team nor have we tarnished your image for that matter. In so far as SLC is concerned we took a pragmatic view of the issues faced by us with regard to this matter and accordingly communicated to you our position .

c) Although you state that you did not receive any communication until Tuesday (27th August), our Head of Cricket Operation has communicated by e-mail on 21st August to which you apologized for the delay and responded on 27th August (your first communication).

d) Whilst we do not wish to get embroiled in whatever has been misrepresented by the media which is indeed unfortunate, we have always made an effort to resolve matters amicably as evidenced by the fact that we invited you for a meeting on Tuesday the 27th, during which meeting you without reservation expressed your desire and preference to play for Kandurata. I too met you yesterday and explained matters to you in detail which you very much appreciated.

It is indeed unfortunate and disappointing that you have singled out Nishantha and stated that his conduct in this matter has been reprehensible and not at all befitting the position he holds as Secretary of SLC. As you are fully aware Nishantha was unanimously elected as the Secretary of SLC at the last AGM held in March this year and commands the respect of the entire membership at Sri Lanka Cricket. You additionally state that "it ultimately leaves me to question whether your interest in this matter is more in line with a personal agenda against me rather than a national interest." This is an allegation of a serious nature which is unacceptable to SLC.

Nishantha as Secretary communicates on behalf of the Board in all administrative and cricketing matters which come within the purview of the Executive Committee. This is one such matter. As President I need to inform you that all communications sent by Nishantha have been dispatched with the knowledge of the Executive Committee members who have been copied on such issues in order to resolve these matters in the best interest of SLC. He therefore communicates on behalf of SLC and not in an individual capacity. Your comment in relation to Nishantha is therefore regretted.

Having said all this, I am pleased that you have now made a decision to play for Kandurata which has been communicated through the media. Whilst I am pleased that you have taken such decision I would be pleased to meet with you and discuss any concerns that you have along with the Office bearers of SLC and address such concerns to the mutual benefit of both, you as a former Captain and a valued member of the Sri Lanka Team and Sri Lanka Cricket.

It is my view that both SLC and the Sri Lanka Management should work together in harmony and understanding to achieve the best in the years to come. Please be assured that I as President of SLC will always stand to protect the interests of the game of cricket at all times.

Please treat this letter as our final correspondence.

Kind regards,

Jayantha Dharmadasa

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