Nishantha Ranatunga’s e-mail to Sangakkara (28/08/13)


Dear Kumar,

As you are aware that SLC is managed by office bearers and Executive Committee elected by member clubs/associations and we are answerable to public in every aspect of cricket.

We are, as guardians of Sri Lanka Cricket,are of the firm opinion that we must select the best team for any cricket match or tournament. With this duty in our mind, for the best interest of Sri Lanka Cricket, at the discussion had with you, we indicated that you should play for Kandurata Maroons.

In order to ascertain our rights, obligations and duties, we have sought legal opinion from Legal Advisory Committee consisting of Mr. Palitha Kumarasinghe PC, Mr. Uditha Egalahewa PC and Dr. Asanka Gunawansa and the Committee advised us that choice is with you to decide whether you should play for Sri Lankan team of Kandurata Maroons or Hyderabad Sunrisers and in the event, you decide to represent Sunrisers, they have to make payments to SLC. Of course, if you decide to play for Hyderabad Sunrisers, prior to release Sunrisers have certain obligations to fulfill towards SLC. In this respect, Dean Kino in his mail stated that " As per the Team Participation Agreement signed by SLC, the Sunrises have no role to play in this decision. The decision is solely that of the player. As Kumar has elected to play for the Sunrisers, the only consequences are that you need to replace Kumar and the Sunrisers will need to pay SLC US150k (less any applicable taxes)."

Tom Moody informed us that Hyderabad Sunrisers has already applied for registration with you as one of the players on 15th August 2013. We have not been informed that you consented to play for Hyderabad Sunrisers. Hyderabad Sunrisers did not ask our consent to release you to their Team.

Since, we at SLC has very clearly informed you our decision which was taken for the best interest of Sri Lanka Cricket, you may take your decision and inform us to enable SLC to take necessary steps, accordingly.

Please understand, our intention is to resolve this issue for the best interest of Sri Lanka Cricket, its players and members.

Best Regards


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