CMC workers picket making three demands


By Dilanthi Jayamanne

 Over 2,000 municipal workers staged a protest opposite the CMC yesterday, making three demands, including the reintroduction of their former job titles and an investigation into the recent burning of vital documents.

President of the Joint Trade Union Alliance (JTUA), W. A. Karunadasa the number of CMC workers had been drastically reduced. He observed that the population in the city had increased but CMC reforms introduced early this year, had reduced the number of workers. Approximately seven thousand out of 21,000 CMC employees remained. Citing an example, he said that the city had about 10,000 gullies attended to by 1,200 personnel. The number of workers specialising in that task had been cut down to 60.

Karunadasa said stern action should be taken against those responsible for burning a large number of documents belonging to the CMC at the Borella Cemetery, but for some unknown reason those in authority were dragging their feet on the matter.

The JTUA also demanded an increase in the uniform allowance. Earlier they had been given uniforms, but now a stipulated amount was paid to each employee, which was insufficient, Karunadasa said.

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