GMOA wants action against hospital directors

By Don Asoka Wijewardena

Severe disciplinary action should be taken against hospital directors by the Health Secretary for not complying with directives issued by the Ministry to send lists of doctors, the powerful doctors’ union said yesterday.

Although Director General of Health Services Dr. Palitha Maheepala and the Pubic Service Commission (PSC) had officially asked the hospital directors to send lists of doctors in their respective hospitals to the health ministry to prepare a complete database to clear up the messy transfer scheme, most of them had failed to comply with the official order, the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) said.

GMOA President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya said that due to the deliberate reluctance of directors to send lists of doctors to prepare a sound transfer scheme, the annual transfer scheme was stagnant. It had caused many problems, including inequitable distribution of doctors to hospitals around the country.

He pointed out that the Health Ministry did not have a computerised database of doctors and their biodata, including profiles. The Ministry was handling the doctors’ data manually. In the absence of computerized database of doctors the entire transfer scheme was distorted. The DGHS had officially issued circulars to all hospital directors to send lists of doctors, but hitherto the directors had not responded to the official order. It was a punishable offence. The GMOA would ask the relevant health authorities to take appropriate action against the hospital directors who had failed to respond to the directive.

When contacted Health Secretary Dr. Nihal Jayathilaka said that he had issued final warnings to all hospital directors for not sending the required lists of doctors until now. The Ministry would expect the lists within the next two weeks. " I have already sent final warnings to all directors to comply with the Ministry’s official order. Some directors have already sent the lists, but majority of directors have not yet complied with the order. It is a flagrant violation of the ‘Establishment Code’. I have no alternative but to take disciplinary action against the directors who fail to abide by the order," Dr. Jayathilaka stressed.


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