Intrepid mother beats daylight out of armed robbers

BY Chandradasa Kodituwakku

Matara correspondent

Two armed robbers who entered a house in Pamburana, Matara, held a mother who was feeding her children at gunpoint and relieved her of gold jewellery recently.

The intruders were about to make off with the valuables when the unexpected happened. The intrepid victim pounced on them.

They tried to overpower her but she courageously fought back, beating them and holding on to their pistol which broke in two in the process.

Scared out of their wits, the intruders took to their heels when the woman raised cries. But, her neigbhours rushed to the scene immediately and caught one of them. The other managed to run away but only up to the Nupe Junction about one kilometre away. He, too, was nabbed.

All the jewellery was recovered. The robbers would be produced in court, the police said.

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