Iranians inspect their substandard parts, equipment

By Ifham Nizam

Four Iranians, attached to subsidiaries coming under the purview of SUNIR –Iran Power and Water Equipment and Services Export Company, visited the Ceylon Electricity Board’s (CEB) Central Stores in Kolonnawa yesterday to inspect the alleged substandard items worth Rs. 100 billion sent from Teheran under the rural electrification project since 2011.

CEB officials told The Island that with the greatest of difficulty they managed to use some of the parts and equipment. However, pin insulators and tension insulators were not only unusable, but purchased at rates which were much more than the standard CEB price structure.

The Island learns that there are some 7,000 pin insulator sets; each set costs more than Rs. 6,500 and some 3,500 tension insulator sets, that are unusable, being tested.

The waste came to light amidst plans to pump billions of rupees to speed up an ambitious 1,000 remote village lighting programme that was to have been carried out with Iranian assistance. But, due to crippling sanctions imposed on that country, it had been stalled. It is also learnt that of some 91 items lying idle, some 80 items brought under the Iranian Government loan, had not only cost more in rupee terms, when compared with local market prices, but were also inferior in quality.

A CEB official said all the transactions were done in EURO terms, which had cost the government almost double on most items.

He said that under the rural electrification programme, other than the concrete pillars, every other item, including bolts and nuts, had come from Iran. "Most of those parts and equipment do not meet CEB or Euro specifications and the bulk of those products are good for nothing," he added.

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