Parents still wait for insurance,  compensation  following son’s death in Dubai

By Madura Ranwala

The Insurance due to the family of a 28-year-old unmarried Sri Lankan taxi driver, who had been killed in a road accident in Dubai, on January 4 this year, has still not been paid.

P. B. D. Romesh Saman Etheldred met with his death in Dubai due to the irregular and illegal parking of a heavy vehicle on a highway. However, the insurance claim, that is due, had not been paid to the bereaved parents although eight months have elapsed.

The father of the deceased had already submitted the necessary documents to the Foreign Ministry and the foreign employer, Dubai Taxi Cooperation, sub contractor of the Dubai Government’s Road and Transport Authority, through a prominent lawyer a few moons ago.

But none of the authorities, in Sri Lanka, Dubai or the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Dubai, had taken any interest in assisting the deceased’s parents to obtain any compensation that the company and the insurer should pay. All that the employer did was to have the body sent to Sri Lanka by paying the transportation costs and that too, a week after the the young man died.

Speaking to The Island, the heartbroken father of the victim, P. B. D. Anthony Primus Nirupa Etheldred, yesterday said that he had sent letters to the Foreign Ministry and the employer a month ago but no action had been taken and not a single letter explaining the position had been received.

He said his son, Romesh, left the country in 2010 for foreign employment and worked there until his death in 2013. He had come to the country once on a vacation before his tragic death.

The jobless 56-year-old father is seeking the intervention of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, to obtain the insurance payment that is due following his son’s tragic death, while on duty, as his son had met with his death due to no fault of his.

He said that a detailed letter, regarding his son’s death and particulars needed for the insurance claim, would be sent to the Presidential Secretariat, addressed to the President with a copy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, addressed to Minster G. L. Peiris for their perusal and action, in a day or two.

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