EFutures conducts session on Windows Server 2012 R2

"It’s time to go cloud with EFutures!" – As a strong believer in sharing knowledge on the latest advancements in technology among its clients, EFutures recently concluded another successful Knowledge Sharing Session.

Held at Microsoft Sri Lanka’s premises at NavamMawatha on the 30th of August, the session was geared to educate the IT personnel of reputed enterpriseson Microsoft’s innovative product, the Windows Server 2012 R2 – Preview Version. Through presentations and demonstrations, clientpersonnel received comprehensive knowledge on how this product can be best used to reduce unnecessary infrastructure expansion and costs, and to increase efficiency levels across multiple business processes.

EFutures has recently noticed that there is an increase in interest among businesses in moving to cloud based solutions. For example,moving to a public Azure cloud based solution brings a variety benefits to businesses including reduced hardware and licensing costs, better storage and disaster recovery, mobility and a "pay-for-what-you-use" business model.

Windows Server2012 is meant for clients ranging from corporate heavyweights to small businesses, and its latest evolution, the Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview, brings a variety of enhanced features to the table. The R2 Preview release better utilizes the power of cloud computing in order to provide enhanced networking, storage, virtualization, automation, and user experience.

For organizations with large Virtualization requirements, R2 Preview offers massive hardware scalability (320 logical processors and 4TB physical memory per host) where up to a 1024 virtual machines (including Linux virtual machines) can be hosted on a single physical server. More importantly, the option of "Shared nothing live migration" allows the transferring of virtual machines with zero downtime among Hyper-V hosts.R2 Preview also boasts enhancements in storage tiers, where operating system files can be pinned into an SSD drive in a SAN. The Windows PowerShell 4.0 has also been enhanced in terms of management and automation.

For organizations looking for highly functional cloud integration, R2 Preview has the ability to work with Windows Azure as a hybrid environment, which offers value in terms of disaster recovery and merging the Azure IAAS cloud with an organization’s private cloud.Another key feature is the integration with Microsoft Systems Center 2012 Suite R2 Preview, which now works seamlessly with Server 2012 R2 Preview enhancing the management and monitoring of an organization’s private cloud.

With Microsoft still to release the commercial version of Server 2012 R2, EFutures is pleased to have conducted this Jumpstart Event through which its clients were given the advantage of being equipped with an insight in to new possibilities, thereby assisting them to plan their future IT strategies.

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