Random checks on imported milk food to continue

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Health Ministry yesterday said that tests would continue on milk products and supplementary food items.

Spokesman for the Health Ministry Dharma Wanninayake said the Health Ministry had authorised the release of all nutrition supplements containing whey protein into the market as they had tested negative for Clostridium botulinum toxic bacterium.

Wanninayake said that tests carried out by international laboratories as well as the Medical Research Institute (MRI) had been taken into consideration. International tests carried out earlier had proved that the contamination had been due to Clostridium sporogenes and not the Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

The Ministry also considered the recommendations of an expert committee consisting of bacteriologists and paediatricians as well as a member of the Food Advisory Committee. He said the MRI had tested 104 nutrition food supplements and milk foods, chocolates with whey protein during the last few weeks. "None of them tested positive."

The Health Ministry issued instructions to producers and distributors, last month, to remove all milk products and nutritional supplements which contained whey protein until further notice from the Food Authority.

Wanninayake said the Ministry would continue to carry out random checks on imported nutrition milk foods which include whey protein at the port. He said that special attention would be paid to milk foods which were labeled as ‘Growing Up Milk,’ he said.

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