National Drug Policy finally ready to be approved by Parliament


By Don Asoka Wijewardena  

  The Attorney General had approved the National Drug Policy, which had been forwrded to him by the Legal Draftsman, Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena revealed yesterday.

Speaking at a ceremony to elevate the Galgamuwa district hospital to a Base hospital, he said he would hold a special and final discussion with the relevant authorities, on September 24, on the Policy before submitting it for Cabinet approval.

Minister Sirisena said that it took nearly two years to introduce the National Drug Policy. The previous Legal Draftsman, who retired had taken the draft of the policy home. It simply disappeared. Although the then draftsman was entirely responsible for the sudden disappearance of the bill, so far no action had been taken against her by the relevant authorities. At the moment she was attached to a private drug company as a consultant. 

He pointed out that as far as he was aware, the then legal draftsman was at fault for failing to carry out her duties. He had wanted to introduce the drug policy as quickly as possible, but the drug mafia and anti-drug policy elements had been blocking its implementation. Bu, in the teeth of much opposition he had been able to get the work done. The Attorney General had approved draft bill and it was now with the Ministry.

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