GMOA warns about danger of consuming white bread, imported grapes

By Don Asoka Wijewardena

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) at Yesterday’s General Committee Meeting decided to educate the people on the adverse effects of white bread and imported fruit such as apples and grapes.

GMOA General Committee Member Dr. Nalinda Herath told The Island that Sri Lanka had been importing wheat flour sans the bran, which contained essential vitamins and nutrients values. The white portion of the wheat flour only contained carbohydrate.

He pointed out that most people in the advanced countries consumed whole meal bread (bread with bran) which was nutritious.

Bread with bran contained essential vitamins, protein iron and would build immunity in a person to lead a healthy life. But the consumption of only white bread would increase excessive carbohydrate intake, he claimed.

Regarding imported apple and grapes, Dr. Herath said that it was found that many businessmen, who were engaged in importing fruits, were in the habit of introducing chemicals to grapes to keep them for a long time. Even the apples kept for sale were detected to be nine months old. "What is happening is that many fruit importers were using some chemicals on grapes. What will happen is that people who consume them will end up with health complications, because such chemicals are poisonous, Dr. Herath stressed.

He said that GMOA would ask the relevant authorities to combat the menace and save people from health disasters.

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