Medirigiriya records highest incidence of Kidney failure


By Don Asoka Wijewardena

Presiding over a meeting at the Medirigiriya National school, on Saturday (5), Minister Sirisena said around 16,442 kidney patients were receiving treatment in the North–Central Province with the Anuradhapura District accounting for 12,210 and Polonaruwa 4,232.

He said that 1,114 cases had been reported from the Medirigiriya area alone and of that about 283 had died due to kidney failure.

He pointed out that it had been found that 90 per cent of the people in the NCP had taken to drinking illicit liquor, smoking and constant chewing of betel.

A survey carried out by the Ministry had revealed that in the Medirigiriya area there were six kidney patients per every 100 families, while in the Padaviya area every 100 families had 14 persons affected by kidney disease., the Minister said.

Minister Sirisena added that he had spoken with family members of kidney patients and asked them to tell him their problems. Some told him that they were struggling to maintain families as they were the breadwinners. He promised that the Ministry, in collaboration with the respective provincial councils, would initiate self-employment projects for the members in the affected families soon. Some families requested him to provide safe drinking water.

"I have already instructed the hospitals in the North Central Province to maintain all required drugs needed by kidney patients without any shortage. It is the duty of the respective hospitals administrators to place the order for drugs with the Medical Supplies Division on time, Minister Sirisena said.

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