Govt. drafts policy on  mental health of elderly

by Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Health Ministry yesterday said that the government was formulating a policy to address the mental health issues of the growing elderly population in the country.

Spokesman for the Health Ministry, Dharma Wanninayake, said the elderly accounted for about ten per cent of the country’s population. By 2020 it would increase to over 24 percent, he added. Two billion of the world population would be above 60 years by 2050. 

Wanninayake said that today (10) being the World Mental Health Day, the focus should be on devising startegies to face the future. The national programme on the World Mental Health Day was held yesterday morning at the BMICH. It was organised by the Mental Health Unit of the Health Ministry.

This year’s theme is ‘Mental Health and the Aged population’. The present world elderly population (60 and above) exceeds 800 million.

Prizes were awarded to students who won the creative competitions held to mark World Mental Health Day.

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