KOICA promotes safe drinking water


Korea International Cooperative Agency (KOICA) and its alumni association, Association of KOICA Fellows in Sri Lanka (AKOFE) jointly donated nine water filters to four schools namely Wijayapura Maha Vidyalaya, Kumudupura Vidyalaya, Thalakola Wewa Vidyalaya and Meegas Wewa Vidyalaya in Medirigiriya DS Division, Polonnaruwa District on October 11, a press release issued by the KOICA said.

The donation was made in the presence of the Divisional Secretary Medirigiriya, principals of the four schools, KOICA Deputy Resident Representative Mrs, Choi, Young Mee and AKOFE President Mr. Jayampathy and its committee members, it said.

The release said: This project aims provision of drinking water facilities for the above mentioned four schools in Medirigiriya DS Division, North Central Province of Sri Lanka where prone to kidney diseases due to lack of clean water. Access to clean water is basic human needs and vital to life. More than 70 % of population rely its water source on wells and surface water and water quality from these water sources may not be good quality. As a consequence of the lack of access to pipe born treated drinking water and since the people do not have a considerable income to purchase filters; they are compelled to utilize inadequately treated well water for drinking which makes them highly vulnerable to renal failures. Therefore, this project will help to improve the quality of children’s’ health among these communities. Teachers at the schools have also expressed their delight in that the water filter is a great teaching tool about health and the importance of drinking purified water. 

KOICA extends fund allocation to AKOFE every year to carry out its project activities and as such US$12,000 funds granted for this year too.

AKOFE was founded on July 21st 1999 under the patronage of KOICA as an association of ex-participants, who were invited to Korea for their participation in scholarships and training programs under KOICA’s technical cooperation program. AKOFE annually organizes and conducts numerous charity activities.

The AKOFE’s charity activities contribute not only to enable more grass-root level approaches of KOICA’s programs but also to further strengthen the relationship between Korea and Sri Lanka for the years to come.

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