SLC on debt to  be written off

Apropos our main news item, ‘Sri Lanka Cricket waste to cost public Rs. 3.2 billion’, on Oct. 22 , Sri Lanka Cricket has sent the following statement: "Sri Lanka Cricket worked towards specific goals on assurances given to the International Cricket Council during a joint bid with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka on meeting the desired venue requirements for the jointly hosted CWM 2011. These goals were achieved very successfully and these developments enabled Sri Lanka to be awarded the September 2012 World T 20 Championship which was hosted very successfully.

Sri Lanka Cricket has utilized the only other available International Venue to play all the bilateral tours during the upgrading / construction of the other 3 venues. As you may recall, 16 international matches were played in Daniella in the year 2010 while the other venues were upgraded to ICE standards. The projects that were carried out to have 3 International standard Cricket venues will benefit the future cricketers and Sri Lanka Cricket to host International events in the future. Sri Lanka Cricket will generate more funds by hosting future international events which in return will be used to develop and uplift the game in this country."

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