Eating our national bird into extinction

 By The Bingiriya Corr.

Poachers slaughter rare species of wild animals and wild birds in forest reserves secretly and the flesh of those animals is sold to tourist hotels in the vicinity.

These poachers hunt jungle fowls (walikukula) too and sell a kilo of their meat at Rs. 1000/- to tourist hotels. Athik Nazeer, the President of the Indigenous Forest Protectors’ Association said that jungle fowl is Sri Lanka’s national bird and it will vanish soon from the country if measures are not taken by government authorities concerned to protect it from merciless poachers who are active at night. He said that jungle fowl are now faced with extinction due to hunting by poachers to satisfy the taste of tourists who are ready to pay handsomely for the meat they get for their meals.

The farming community must be educated on the vital importance of conserving rare species of wild animals and birds.

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