Ranil compared to CPC

by Ifham Nizam

The actions of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe were similar when it came to cheating the public with false promises, United National Party Vocational Joint Trade Union Alliance (VJTUA) member Ananda Palitha charged yesterday.

Addressing a media briefing in Colombo, Palitha said the promise of the former Petroleum and Industries Minister, to look into the substandard fuel imported by Vitol Group of Companies and the assurance given by Wickremesinghe, that he would step down from the post of UNP leader, were mere words uttered to take the public for a ride.

Palitha said: "Although 15 months have passed since a Committee was appointed to probe the issue by the former Minister, nothing has happened. The Minister last year stressed that strict action would be taken against the wrongdoers and all dealings with the company would be cancelled if found guilty. However, interestingly, once again oil was imported from the Vitol Group of Companies, we don’t understand on what basis they are doing it.

Palitha stressed that due to the sheer level corruption at the CPC, it owed Rs. 400 billion to the People’s Bank and Bank of Ceylon. Even in the latest deal, six dollars above the Singapore market price had been paid, he added.

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