Drive Safely, Drive Longer with Gs-Yuasa & Yuasa Batteries now in Sri Lanka


From Left: Saroj Perera, Chairman/MD, DSL Group of Companies and Kunihiko Hirotsu from GS-Yuasa Japan at the launch of Japanese GS-Yuasa batteries in Sri Lanka

For the FIRST time in Sri Lanka, DSL introduces the genuine auxiliary battery for Hybrid vehicles with more advantages to Sri Lankan motorists.

Douglas & Sons (Pvt.) Ltd. (DSL) the Market Leader in Imported batteries in Sri Lanka launched GS-Yuasa batteries on 8th October 2013, adding to their range yet another acclaimed and prominent brand. GS-YUASA batteries are manufactured in Japan and are renowned for high quality and durability. This is the only Japanese battery currently available in the Sri Lankan battery market.

GS-Yuasa has strategic alliances with all leading Japanese vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi to provide technologically advanced high quality batteries.

Mr. Kunihiko Hirotsu, representative from GS Yuasa International division speaking at the launching ceremony highlighted that the GS-Yuasa battery was chosen by Toyota Motor Corporation due to its safety features. He explained that the auxiliary battery in hybrid cars are installed inside the cabin of the car. A normal automotive battery may release toxic gases when charging and could be dangerous for the passengers. This may even lead to an explosion inside the vehicle. The advanced technological feature in the GS-Yuasa battery on the other hand ensures that safety is guaranteed.

Hybrid cars use nickel metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries for driving power, as well as a lead-acid battery for auxiliary use. The auxiliary battery plays an important role in the power supply of the vehicle. The auxiliary battery supplies power to the hybrid system and the car electronics when the power switch of the hybrid car is turned on and supplies power to the car electronics when the power switch is turned off or during the accessory mode. With highly sophisticated and modern technology GS-Yuasa makes driving a power packed experience.

DSL also launched the GS-Yuasa "Maintenance Free" (MF) battery range to fulfil the requirements of all vehicle types. GS-Yuasa batteries with superior technology are now available with all DSL dealers Island-wide.

Having carefully studied the high performance level, reliability and long battery life of GSYUASA, DSL now offers 24 months full warranty.

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