Channel 4 and that fictitious and libelous production

I was shocked, surprised and disappointed with the authorities that they let two men who have done unbelievable and irreparable damage to our country, no doubt at the instance of the Tamil Diaspora and without doubt for a huge pay off, have been allowed to enter the country and at this particular time; these men must in fact be arrested and charged for what they have done.

Macrae and Miller produced two one hour long programs titled "Sri Lanka’s killing fields"—a title taken from the award winning documentary on the horrendous genocide committed in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge, no doubt deliberately intended to conjure up the image that what is alleged to have happened here was the same as the genocide in Cambodia, which they have succeeded in doing. The program was unprofessional, inaccurate and absolutely reeking with prejudice. Channel 4 has misrepresented film footage; for instance it showed a heavy artillery gun as being fired by the Sri Lanka Army whereas there is proof that it was an LTTE artillery piece in action, which had been shown in an LTTE produced film some time ago.

In the entirety of both programs there is not a single reference to any firing of any kind by the LTTE. The LTTE is described as a ‘militant’ organization —- to sanitize the LTTE; they have very conveniently forgotten the atrocities committed by the LTTE; he makes no reference to the crimes of the LTTE as identified by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

I herewith list just a few of them: they assassinated the Mayor in Jaffna in 1975 , thereafter they assassinated President Premadasa, assassinated Rajiv Gandhi, almost assassinated President Kumaratunge, the LTTE was reported by the Monitoring Mission appointed by Norway that the LTTE committed no less than 3,471 violations of the Cease Fire Agreement they had brokered. They assassinated former Foreign Minister Kadirgamar, almost assassinated Gen Sarath Fonseka, assassinated Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Kulatunge; they also planted bombs on a train killing 70 plus and injuring some 400, a car bomb killed 115 and injured many others in the heart of Colombo, blew up a part of the Central Bank and killed many; then there was the Kebetigollawa bomb which killed over 60 peasants traveling home in a bus and not to forget the killing of no less than 600 policemen who had surrendered on the instructions of a naïve government. These are only some of the acts of LTTE terrorism. It is said that the LTTE rejoiced over each killing.

Channel 4 refers to none of these atrocities and has the audacity to claim that the film was "forensic’ that is indeed a damn lie – since Macrae could not find any independent witnesses, he introduced two "witnesses" one Vany Kumar who was found to have appeared on a number of other interviews under other names and a woman by the name of Krishnamurthy who was also a convenient plant by the LTTE as witnesses; they have not referred to the many reports of the University Teachers for Human Rights or even the statements and affidavits of persons such as Dr Shanmugarajah who, as a medical officer in charge of the whole area, was serving right through the period in the heart of the conflict area; incidentally the service done by him and the other doctors and public servants who served in the North during the height of the war should be recognized and they should be rewarded.

Macrae should most definitely be questioned as to how he came to claiming that 40 thousand civilians had been killed in the closing stages of the war – this figure is being quoted widely and we are being accused of having committed genocide. As a citizen of this country the accusation does affect me and the wretched man must be questioned and his statement made public, to expose the scoundrel. He has not only let himself down but also the profession of Journalism.

To conclude this man Macrae and his colleague Jonathan Miller should not be allowed to leave the country but must be questioned nay interrogated intensively on how these two so called documentaries were produced by them ——to my mind they have without doubt been retained by the Tamil diaspora for a huge sums of money; they have done irreparable damage to our country. We have right to demand this of the authorities as citizens of this country as our country has been defamed by them.

K Godage

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